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Child Safety

Important Safety Information
On December 15, 2009 the Consumer Product Safety Council (CPSC) announced a voluntary recall to repair for all Roman Style Shades with accessible cords on the rear of the shade. This recall also included Roll-up Shades which Springs Window Fashions does not fabricate.
Roman ShadeRoll-up Shade
(not available from Graber)

This voluntary "recall to repair" is intended to raise awareness about the potential hazards to young children caused by cord loops specific to Roman style and Roll-up Shades. Springs Window Fashions products comply with all applicable industry safety standards and all Roman Shades now ship with a retrofit kit. Springs Window Fashions has been directly involved in the development of the Voluntary Corrective Action Plan and remains proactive in it's approach to product safety.

Safety is Our Primary Concern!

For Graber, window covering safety is a year-round effort! Graber, together with the Window Covering Safety Council, urges parents and caregivers to "play safe, live safe" and install only cordless window coverings in young children's bedrooms and sleeping areas.
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Repair or Replace Pre-2001 Window Treatments

How safe are the window treatments in your home? As of 2001, the entire window coverings industry has improved the safety of blinds and shades by adding these enhancements to all products:

  • Tension pulleys and tie-down devices in all continuous-loop pull cords
  • Tassel ends on lift cords
  • Cord stops on horizontal blind lift cords that prevent user from pulling internal cords through the louvers
  • For a free retrofit kit, contact the Window Coverings Safety Council via the web at or by phone at 1-800-506-4636.

Safety is Our Primary Concern!

Make The Right Choice!

The Window Covering Safety Council urges parents and caregivers to check all windowed areas of the home for potential window cord hazards by following these important cord safety rules:

  • Install only cordless window coverings in young children's bedrooms and sleeping areas. Replace window blinds, corded shades and draperies manufactured before 2001 with today's safer products.
  • Repair window blinds, corded shades and draperies manufactured before 2001 with retrofit cord repair devices or replace them with products made to the current safety standards.
  • Move all cribs, beds, furniture and toys away from windows and window cords, preferably to another wall.
  • Keep all window pull cords and inner lift cords out of the reach of children. Make sure that tasseled pull cords are short and continuous-loop cords are permanently anchored to the floor or wall. Make sure cord stops are properly installed and adjusted to limit movement of inner lift cords.
  • Lock cords into position whenever horizontal blinds or shades are lowered, including when they come to rest on a window sill.

Graber Safety Features Keep Your Family Safe.

Safety Features
Cord CleatsOptional Safety Cord Cleats
Available upon request for all window treatments with lift cords. Cords are anchored to wall, keeping them out of reach of children and pets.
 Cordless Bottom Up/Top DownCordless Bottom Up/Top Down
Cleverly designed system combines two popular options into one — shade lowers from the top or raises from the bottom without the use of exterior cords.
Cordless Lift SystemCordless Lift
Lift cords are eliminated for increased safety and to provide a clean, sleek-looking window.
 Continuous Loop Lift SystemContinuous-loop
Lift System

Cords are kept at a constant length so they don't puddle on floor when blind or shade is raised and are held taut by a safety hold-down bracket.
One Touch® Control WandsOne Touch® Control Wands
Eliminates the need for cords and chains to traverse blinds.
 Optional Safety Cord CleatsCordless Bottom Up/Top DownCordless Lift SystemContinuous-loop Lift SystemOne Touch® Control Wands
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